Traffic Performance Assessment

The life cycle of lifts and escalators can vary considerably and is dependent on intensity of use, quality of the initial lift design and the quality of the maintenance. External factors such as ambient conditions, obsolete spare parts, fire and water damage, vandalism, end-user behaviour or changes to building usage also impact the equipment lifetime. Based on these factors, 15-20 years is the typical timeframe after which elevator or escalator modernization should be considered. Involvement of an independent lift consultant brings significant benefits and pay-back to the owner in form of lower investment and maintenance costs, thorough and clear specifications, open tendering processes, right design, and selection of technology. Elevator modernization is a great opportunity to upgrade your building ‘back to the future’ regarding code compliance, safety and reliability, energy efficiency and traffic performance. We can help you!

Traffic Performance Assessment

When users in existing buildings suffer from too long or excessive waiting times, or very full lift cars, it often also helps to perform a detailed traffic analysis, site measurements and conduct traffic simulations. This will typically reveal the root cause of complaints and may possible solutions.

Traffic simulation and analysis will help to understand the performance of your vertical transportation system. Our lift performance analysis measures KPIs suchlike average waiting time, distribution of waits, time to destination and car fill rates. We use the latest and most sophisticated traffic simulation software, including software developed in-house.

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