Inspections and Audits

Elevating studio provides lift and escalator safety inspections. We can conduct a thorough lift or escalator safety check to guarantee safe operation of your equipment. We apply the safety standards SS550 and EN-81 for lifts and SS626 and EN-115 for escalators.
Apart from elevator and escalator safety inspections, we provide lift maintenance audits, health checks and lift handover inspections. Independent lift and escalator inspections with measurements using calibrated instruments will verify if your equipment is safe and you ‘get what you pay for’. A Lift consultant can also bring clarity to the reasons behind the unexpected behaviour of an elevator or escalator and help both the owner and the lift contractor to understand the root cause. Regular inspections will also help to prolong life time of your equipment and key components. ‘To measure is to know!’


Elevating Studio recommends conducting a Maintenance Audit annually to understand the maintenance quality of the incumbent maintenance provider – is everything done as it should be and getting what you paid for? This is especially useful during cases of high break-down rates, man-traps, unclear costs occurrence and disputes.

Elevating Studio recommends conducting an Equipment Health Check the equipment age of 15 to 18 years or when a modernization is already planned. Elevating Studio will compare the current equipment to latest codes and prevalent code and provide recommendations based on the outcome of the Equipment Health Check with the following conclusions:

    1. No need to plan modernization –improvements to maintenance quality may be suggested

    2. Recommendation to perform minor repairs or replacements

    3. Recommendation to consider modernization

    4. Recommendation to consider full-replacement.

Safety Certification are often required by insurance companies and by labour law. Elevating Studio is authorized for Annual Safety Test, Inspection, and Formal Certification with a Safety Mark. Tests follow EN81 and EN115 standards and abide international and local government regulations and requirements. The load-test certification is valid for 5 years for elevators. Inspections are carried out by a certified Elevating Studio safety inspector, accredited by the Dutch Liftinstituut.

Handover inspection is recommended to be carried out at completion of new installation or modernization. Does the equipment perform as per contract? Are all works completed including tests and documentation delivered?

Due Diligence Inspection is carried out when buying or renting a building with elevators and escalators, verifying that the building is 'fit for purpose' and traffic performance is in line with required capacity.

Conditional and Reliability Assessment is typically conducted in cases of high break-downs, man traps and ride comfort issues. Elevating Studio review the break-down records and repair / replacement records, interview the maintenance provider and determine reasons and root cause of the breakdowns or poor performance.

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