Maintenance Management

The lift maintenance costs of your lifts and escalators are only a small fraction of your total building operating costs. However, the performance of your elevators and escalators is essential for your building. Long waiting times, noisy, erratic, or unreliable operation, poor ride comfort and loose or broken parts visible to the user give an instant bad impression about safety and quality of the whole building. Above issues may also cause unpredictable extra costs. Elevating studio can help to resolve these issues with elevator audits.
Through our lift and escalator audit services, we can help both the owner and the lift maintenance company by managing, preventing, and improving the maintenance conditions and performance.

Elevator Maintenance Management

Elevating Studio has a unique maintenance contract proposition which takes the usage, environment and design of the equipment into consideration with clear and measurable performance criteria (availability, response times, break downs and man-traps) and penalties clauses for non-performance. The maintenance contract proposition also considers spares’ lifespan and its criticality.

Generally, after the defect and liability period or the so-called ‘free’ or ‘first’ service period, the building owner would be fully liable for the elevators and escalators. Elevating Studio’s maintenance contract proposition will ensure highest quality of maintenance with preventive replacements of spares to improved / sustain service level and equipment performance.

Elevating Studio will support the maintenance contract tender process, negotiations and support the award of the maintenance agreement, in accordance with international and local codes and legal requirements based on the needs and design of the equipment and the usage. As part of the evaluation, Elevating Studio will assess the capabilities, skills and track-record of the original equipment manufacturer (OEM) or the third-party maintenance providers.

Lack of spares are often the claim for extended period of equipment stand-still. The waiting time for identification, tendering and ordering, logistics and manufacturing of spare parts, can be excessive even for the latest technology. The unavailability of spares is typically imposing hinderance to the building owner and its end-users, commonly with long waiting times.

Elevating Studio can help to mitigate by preparing a detailed spares plan for all your elevators and escalators based on equipment/component criticality, life cycle status and age, technical risks and availability of the technology and parts. In consultation with the OEM or maintenance provider, Elevating Studio will provide a list of critical and less critical parts and will prepare a recommendation for the acquisition and/or storage of such parts with the OEM or the maintenance provider, or, in specific cases, within the building compound itself.

The quality, designed capacity, performance and condition of vertical transportation equipment, is extremely important to understand during any real estate transaction, either rental, purchase or during moving-in. Elevating Studio provide detailed equipment health checks and traffic analysis to understand the details on the equipment condition and risks in the coming years. Elevating Studio also provide unbiased and independent advice in case of contractual disputes during performance review, accident and incident reviews, codes and standards and litigation support.

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