The life cycle of lifts and escalators can vary considerably and is dependent on intensity of use, quality of the initial lift design and the quality of the maintenance. External factors such as ambient conditions, obsolete spare parts, fire and water damage, vandalism, end-user behaviour or changes to building usage also impact the equipment lifetime. Based on these factors, 15-20 years is the typical timeframe after which elevator or escalator modernization should be considered. Involvement of an independent lift consultant brings significant benefits and pay-back to the owner in form of lower investment and maintenance costs, thorough and clear specifications, open tendering processes, right design, and selection of technology. Elevator modernization is a great opportunity to upgrade your building ‘back to the future’ regarding code compliance, safety and reliability, energy efficiency and traffic performance. We can help you!


Elevating Studio uses the latest and most sophisticated traffic simulation software to simulate lift performance analysis to provide in-depth understanding the traffic performance before, during and after the modernization.

When users in existing buildings suffer from too long or excessive waiting times, or very full lift cars, it often also helps to perform a detailed traffic analysis, site measurements and conduct traffic simulations. This will typically reveal the root cause of complaints and may possible solutions.

Elevating Studio starts the modernization procedure by understanding our client’s needs and expectations, together with a comprehensive equipment health check and site assessment. In addition, Elevating Studio reviews the various national and international codes and standards to meet modernization criteria and latest technological trends.

Elevating Studio team will prepare a concept and schematic design consisting of several technical alternatives for the modernization including budget estimates, and a summary of needed provisions related to construction works and architectural finishes, as well as other M&E works. As part of the concept design, a high level environmental / sustainability impact study will be done, with key focus areas suchlike workplace health and safety, energy efficiency and environmental impact.

Additionally, Elevating Studio will prepare a ‘planning and disruption – impact study’, consisting of a traffic analysis for the various phases during the project execution and an assessment of the stability and availability of the whole system, related to maintenance regime, spare parts availability based on ‘cannibalizing parts’ strategy, route planning of materials, working hours, etc.

At the end of the concept and schematic design phase, Elevating Studio will provide a ‘Schematic Design Report’ indicating the most economical and practical modernization solution, recommendations on the scope of works and a list of recommended lift vendors.

Elevating Studio produces comprehensive independent tendering specifications for use in bidding. Our specifications are generic and performance-based to guarantee competitive bids with fewer specification deviations. Apple to apple comparisons will therefore be easier in the bid evaluation phase. Where critical for quality, we will use prescriptive clauses and specifications, for certain specific components.

Elevating Studio encourages lift vendors to submit their value-adding proposals which can reduce project or life cycle costs, or which can speed up the project completion. Vendors may be able to provide propriety solutions which can benefit the project extensively.

If desired, a new maintenance contract specification can also be included in the modernization tender documents, to ensure that the full chain costs are considered over several years of life time.

Elevating Studio attends bid interviews and prepare list of clarifications for each to ensure full compliance to specifications – or better. After the interview, Elevating Studio will provide the final evaluation and recommendations.

Elevating Studio will review shop drawings and other submittals from the awarded lift vendor for general compliance with the contract documents and code requirements. Review all project plans (risk plan, resource plan, risk-assessment and risk analysis, logistics plan and communication plan). Ensure approval of relevant authorities obtained as well as Professional Engineer endorsement.

Where the supplied information does not comply with the requirements, we will snag the information until all design is in accordance with the project expectations. Proper planning would mitigate many project risks on modernization delays.

One month before the equipment arrive on-site, Elevating Studio manage and plan the hand-over between the incumbent provider and the (possible) new vendor.

As soon as the awarded vendor start their works on-site, Elevating Studio will conduct monthly installation progress meeting and inspections. This is to determine that project is proceeding in conformity with Contract Documents with maximum safety and quality. All deviations and variations will be addressed during the progress meeting as well as the on-going equipment maintenance performance to ensure actions are in place to mitigate or prevent for maximum performance.

Elevating Studio will prepare the minutes-of-meeting and follow-up on any deviation and/or variation observed from the monthly installation progress meeting and inspection. Elevating Studio will also verify, certify and recommend progress payments.

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