Lift Manager

Lift Manager

Perform a comprehensive audit to capture the detailed overview of the current conditions and statuses of all equipment to be managed on but not limited to the following:

  • Electrical and electronic components e.g. controller, drive, wiring, etc.
  • Mechanical components e.g. machine brakes, overspeed governor, safety gear, etc.
  • Ride quality and noise levels
  • Wire ropes’ stress uniformity, diameter and alignment with the sheave
  • Fine measurements of doors, guide shoes, etc.
  • Proper lubrication of ropes, guide rails, etc.

Organize regular (bi-monthly, monthly, or even weekly if needed) review meetings with the lift contractor, to review the performance and breakdowns since the last meeting. Conduct site-inspections with spot-checks to verify if the improvement actions agreed in the previous meetings, have been completed and done well. Typical points discussed/reviewed during the Lift Manager meetings are:

  • Status update and progress on improvements previously agreed
  • Breakdowns, mantraps and repair needs over the last period
  • Development of KPI’s (breakdowns/mantraps per equipment, by month and 12 month rolling
  • Review and agree actions on past events and how to prevent re-occurrence with the same type of equipment
  • Changes/improvements in maintenance regime
  • Root-cause analysis of major events and incidents and accidents
  • Site Inspections (spot check of actions agreed previously)
  • Any penalties or deductions under the maintenance contract

Provide remote phone and email support for your general enquiries for but not limited to the following:

  • Incidents and/or accidents
  • Lack of spares and/or consumables
  • Payable repairs / modernization
  • Codes & standards e.g. SS550, EN81-20, ISO, CIBSE, etc.
  • Complying to authorities e.g. BCA, JKKP, etc.

Attend on-site for post incidental support, chargeable on an ad-hoc basis. After each support visit, submit a executive summary of the issues at hand and put in records, the minutes of meeting and recommended action plans (if any).

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